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[We Love Cary Grant]

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-Dayna sdsusie5
-Ashley classicstar

Hello and welcome to suave_mr_grant! This community is dedicated to fans of the handsome and talented actor, Cary Grant. This community is open for any discussion about Cary, and please post often! Discussion is encouraged.

A few rules before joining....

1.Promoting communities is accepted, but only if it deals with Classic Hollywood. Anything other than that will be deleted.
2.No fould language please =)
3.Anything that has a lot of pictures, lots of LJ icons or picture sizes that are big must be put under an lj-cut tag.
4.LJ icons of Cary are acceptable!
5.Do not post anything off-topic-this is a Cary Grant community!

Hope you'll join and have fun! =D