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Hello looking for some stills [Sunday, Sep. 16/07 - 17:59PM]

[ mood | hungry ]

I'm doing something for an art project in drawing class and it's due Monday... I shouldn't of waited to ask but I've been looking all over the internet and more for some stills of black and white movies. Preferably ones with Cary Grant in the them.  I really enjoyed Topper. Does anyone have any stills or do they have another name? Thanks.

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Just a tidbit..;) [Wednesday, Aug. 9/06 - 10:52AM]

[ mood | creative ]

Hi folks...a just played around with my pictureprogramm...


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Hellooooo [Monday, Jan. 2/06 - 16:51PM]

So I haven't watched many Cary movies lately. I caught the tail end of Father Goose on TCM one day. Hmm...maybe I'll watch Arsenic and Old Lace later (loooove that movie!).

Any thoughts on Father Goose?

P.S. Check out my icon ;)
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[Friday, Dec. 23/05 - 18:56PM]

There are 13 bodies in the basement...Collapse )
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[Thursday, Sep. 15/05 - 6:21AM]

If you're a fan of Alfred Hitchcock or his films, please join..

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Promo [Sunday, Aug. 14/05 - 21:26PM]

Hey, go join this community: vintage_dolls, because supposedly it's pretty cool
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Hello All [Monday, Aug. 8/05 - 1:32AM]

Hello new member here!

I didn’t see these on the list of things that are claimed yet, so I’m putting my name down and hopefully not being too late about it.


The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer – the “Hoodoo” scene with Temple

Co-star characters:

Kerr, Deborah as Priscilla 'Effie' Effington in Dream Wife

...Thanks, and I'm happy to be here ;)
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[Friday, Jul. 29/05 - 14:37PM]



A community for famous couples, both on-screen and off. Fred & Ginger. Bill & Myrna. Kate & Spence. Whomever you please!
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"Alex, will you come in, please? I wish to talk to you." [Friday, Jul. 29/05 - 9:27AM]

[ mood | groggy ]

I am so glad I took note all of your recommendations for Notorious. It was a wonderful film!! I watched it last night for the first time. I loved all the different camera angles Hitchcock used -- especially that great shot that swirls around Ingrid & Cary embracing at the end. Claude Rains was amazing too! Was this after or before Casablanca? Speaking of which I am most jealous of Ms. Bergman having acted, cuddled, & kissed two of my favorite leading men -- Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart. :)

There was so much chemistry between Cary & Ingrid...I mean the whole kiss and talk scene on the balcony -- wow! I am mad at myself for one thing -- I totally forgot to participate in "Where's Hitchcock." I think I read on imdb.com that he was one of the guests at the Sebastians' party. That is always fun trying to spot his little cameos.

Great actors, great director, great plot, great movie!! :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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[Tuesday, Jul. 26/05 - 12:01PM]


His Girl Friday..what a great movie.

my favorite quote:

Hildy Johnson: He treats me like a woman.
Walter Burns: What did I treat you like? A water buffalo?

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My Favorite Wife [Wednesday, Jul. 20/05 - 8:47AM]

[ mood | ditzy ]

Nick Arden (Cary Grant):"The moment I saw you I knew..."
Ellen Wagstaff Arden (Irene Dunne):"I bet you say that to all your wives."

Ahhh...saw My Favorite Wife last night and loved it. *sigh* What can I say I love Cary Grant in that romantic comedy lead and I think he has great chemistry with Irene Dunne. Saw them together in The Awful Truth and loved them together so I figured I'd enjoy this movie too! Wasn't disappointed! :) This blurb from amazon.com pretty much sums it up for me:

"The two stars are so adept at farce, and so effortless in conveying their characters' mutual affection, that the movie triumphs over the whopper of a plot device."

I know I've said it before but all the movies I have seen Cary Grant always seems to have great chemistry with his leading lady -- Ms. Dunne, Kate Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Deborah Kerr, Myrna Loy....Blows my mind. Now I haven't seen all his movies so I'm sure there's gotta be one instance where it didn't work out...but I haven't seen it yet! ;)

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Kate on TCM in July [Monday, Jun. 20/05 - 12:35PM]

Hello all!

I was perusing the TCM site for movie listings in July and I saw two Katharine Hepburn movies playing that I have not seen nor been able to rent. Since I'm a big Hepburn fan I thought I'd pass on the information! :)

July 7th -- 7:00 AM CST Sylvia Scarlett her first movie with Cary Grant. (Also following is Holiday one of my fave Cary/Katharine pairings)

July 12th -- 7:30 AM CST Quality Street another early Hepburn film.

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Join addme_classics!! [Sunday, Jun. 19/05 - 19:17PM]


A classic film adding community! Come join and have fun meeting and adding people who love and can quote all your favorite classic films! Join now! <3

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The Classic Star Cafe [Sunday, May. 29/05 - 15:25PM]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is the
classicstarcafe, the ultimate RPG game! Please join and check it out!
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Sophia Loren [Thursday, May. 26/05 - 17:26PM]

Anyone know a lot about Cary and his infatuation with Sophia Loren? I watched a documentary on him once and it talked about how he and his wife split up after she found out he was in love with her. I've been meaning to read a biography on Cary sometime-there's still a lot I don't know about him-I'm just a big fan of his films lol. I thought this might be an interesting subject to discuss.
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**"A Class Apart** American Masters -- Cary Grant --> TONIGHT [Wednesday, May. 25/05 - 10:09AM]

[ mood | excited ]

Hello all you Cary Grant fans,

Don't know if you have seen the American Masters documentary of Cary Grant called "A Class Apart" but PBS is showing it tonight (5/25). I know that it is playing here in Texas and my friend who let me know about said it is playing on her PBS station in CA. Click HERE for the link to check out if it is playing in your neck of the woods! It is a really well done documentary with loads of clips and interviews. It is also the new Special Edition "Bringing Up Baby." I saw it on TCM a little while ago--terrific!! I highly recommend it! 

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My first claiming of anything...ever! [Wednesday, May. 18/05 - 12:10PM]

Hmmm, so many good things to choose from.


Scene: Linda (Kate) & Johnny (Cary) doing their little acrobatic routine in "Holiday."

(I believe this is a different scene than the "flip-flop" scene already claimed, yes?)

Another Scene: Susan (Kate), David (Cary), and George (Asta) singing in...er..harmony "I can't give you anything but love, Baby" to the leopard on the roof in "Bringing Up Baby."

I hope I did that correctly!! ;)
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Affiliates [Monday, May. 16/05 - 14:49PM]

Anyone want to be affiliates with this community?
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Claim List Updated! [Monday, May. 16/05 - 12:41PM]

Updated the Claim List! You're all added. I might make some banners for people to put in their userinfo-does anyone want to make any? Let me know!
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[Sunday, May. 15/05 - 14:23PM]

[ mood | giggly ]

Cary pics!

click clickCollapse )

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