Tracy Samantha Lord (sdsusie5) wrote in suave_mr_grant,
Tracy Samantha Lord

Sophia Loren

Anyone know a lot about Cary and his infatuation with Sophia Loren? I watched a documentary on him once and it talked about how he and his wife split up after she found out he was in love with her. I've been meaning to read a biography on Cary sometime-there's still a lot I don't know about him-I'm just a big fan of his films lol. I thought this might be an interesting subject to discuss.
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I was surprised by that too. Of course I didn't even realize he made a movie with her. Yeah I've been meaning to learn more about Cary Grant the person as well. LOVE his movies and the documentary gave me a little view into his world. Pretty fascinating, huh? First time I'd seen photos/video of the elder Cary Grant too. Still had that great smile.
Yes, I really want to read about him now. After watching a documentary on him, he seems like a very fascinating and interesting person. Yeah, he made the movie Houseboat with Sophia. I've seen parts of it on AMC before. Yeah, he still kept those good looks even when he got older =)