An Unholy Mess of a Girl (taj_mahal07) wrote in suave_mr_grant,
An Unholy Mess of a Girl

My first claiming of anything...ever!

Hmmm, so many good things to choose from.


Scene: Linda (Kate) & Johnny (Cary) doing their little acrobatic routine in "Holiday."

(I believe this is a different scene than the "flip-flop" scene already claimed, yes?)

Another Scene: Susan (Kate), David (Cary), and George (Asta) singing "I can't give you anything but love, Baby" to the leopard on the roof in "Bringing Up Baby."

I hope I did that correctly!! ;)
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I do too! I love all the playroom scenes in "Holiday" and when the Kate & Cary start singing to the leopard (I think it is the bad leopard...) and George the dog starts howling--cracks me up everytime! :)
i think that is the flip flop scene because she all "can you really do a flip flop can you really?" and then they talk and they do it together....i could be wrong i haven't seen it in a month.
Hmm...I'll ask the person who claimed it what they meant and get back to you on it.
Cool, thanks! Wasn't sure if they meant the time he was going to demonstrate the flip flop ("Can you do a back flip flop? Can you really?!") but got interrupted or the scene I was talking about! :)